NO refunds of any kind including the entry fee will be made unless you're vehicle is not approved (including, without limitation, if at any point after you have entered the Event (i.e. after paying any sum towards taking part in the Event) you are unable to participate for any reason other than being denied entry.


There will not be any refunds during the whole period of the event. If you are unable to continue in the event for any reason whatsoever the Organiser will NOT make any refunds of the entry fee or pay compensation to you. The Organisers reserve the right to change the event schedule without prior notice if and when they wish to do so. Each stage has sufficient time to arrive at each destination although the route is very demanding. If any team does not manage to complete any part of the route and unable to take part in any part of the event, you will not be entitled any refund of the entry whatsoever. Any team dropping out of any part of the event for any reason will not be entitled to any compensation.